For over a dozen years I have been dealing with horse riding, and more specifically with the jumping discipline. It has always been my dream to design clothing for competitions so that I can compete in something of my own. Already with the purchase of the first horse and with the planning of the first competition, I had an idea. It was then that the first model was created, which is still present in the store.
Over time, new models were created, I finally decided to share them with others. I do not hide that one of my little dreams has come true. I am happy to be able to design and share it.

The beginning and the vision

Equestrianism. It is a word with a generally accepted meaning that is familiar to all of us. However, it is not just a sport. It is primarily a bond between a horse and a rider, and a human being with an animal. It is not the individual that counts here, but the team. It is such a beautiful sport that allows us to create and inspire every day. And the team, which is an inseparable part of the equestrian life, is our strength, because we work together to create something unique.


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